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Now that the content is all setup – making sure all keywords are in place and all the structure is properly organized – the next step is to get your message out using social networking. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ all help in delivering your content to readers and increase indexing.


Less is More

The first urge when jumping into social media networking is to sign up for as many accounts as possible. There is nothing wrong with having multiple networks. Keep in mind, though, that once a social network has been established, it has to be maintained. You also might find that your clients are not necessarily on that network, leaving you with an account that has to be maintained but with no real rate of return.

When establishing social network accounts, keep these in mind:

  • Start with two or three – Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.
  • Let your customers help determine if you need to be on other sites
  • Pay strict attention to policy about creating business pages.

Always Link Back

The use of social media has just one goal – to drive customers to your website in order to increase sales. Networking sites should never be treated as an alternate website but always as a tool to promote what your main site. Nothing should ever be posted on social media sites that does not have a corresponding article or content of some kind on your company website. For example, if you display your items at a local craft show and post the event pictures on your Facebook page, you should also include a link that brings people to your site to show them the items you have for sale on an ongoing basis.

So, when posting to social media sites:

  • Never post on a social media site unless you can link to something on your own site
  • Including an additional Call to Action such as "Call Us Now at..." is appropriate but don't overdo it.

Develop a Strategy

The advantage of networking sites today is that they have become so easy use. That ease of use is also a danger point. Posting willy-nilly on social sites can end up driving customers away because it harms the reputation of your business.

  • Put a schedule in place stating what gets posted to which network and when
  • Understand that each social media site has a different purpose. Don't go against the grain. Understand the unique formats of each, and post accordingly
  • Posts to social media need to be just as thought out as posts made to your website.
  • Do not use autoposters – at least not when starting out. Get to know this new media by manually posting your content.

Social media is a great way to promote your business with little to no cost. Spending just a few minutes a week on these sites will help you promote your content and connect with customers.

Ready to start networking? Give me a call today and let Act242 jumpstart your social media strategy.

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