World Wide Web at Act242We are convinced that most people do not want to experience the web.  Most users of websites want to get the information they are looking for, interact with the site in as easy way possible, then move on.  They are looking for information as quickly and easily as possible.

Act242 Internet designs every site not to be experienced, but to be used by your customers and potential customers.  We stay away from Flash and other tools that get in the way of information.  We make sure that navigation is succinct and clearly understood.  We organize your content in such a way that it is logically placed and within easy reach of your customer. 

In short, it is your company or organization that we want to put front and center – not the flashy tools of the internet.

Bogged down by the internet? Contact us today for a free evaluation of your current site, and how we can get you up and running quickly.